Thursday, October 18, 2012

How Auto Insurance for Expensive Vehicles is Different

When it comes to auto insurance, everyone wants to save some money because this is an added expense for something that might happen i.e. accidents, your car breaking down etc. While most people looking for cheap auto insurance try to get the best rates, there are some who are lucky enough to afford expensive vehicles and of course be able to get such vehicles insured but how are expensive vehicles different from a regular car?

Many keep raising the issue on why it is often better to get an expensive car rather than a regular one. The reason behind this argument is that most of these cars are so modern that they have the best safety features that regular cars do not have and they also usually have better performance. Such cars however are expensive to insure because they usually are costly to repair thanks to their exotic and unique parts. It is interesting to note though that there are cars from major automakers i.e. not the makers of exotic cars that are quite expensive to insure. Why is this so? According to experts in the car insurance industry, a car owned by someone who lives in a Metropolitan area can cost as much as 500% more than the same make and model owned by someone who lives in a sleepy town. While many would say this is unfair, insurers have reason to believe that they are more at risk for paying for a stolen car or a car that needs to be repaired due to a traffic accident if that car is driven around in a crowded area where there are typically more cars than say in a small town.

When it comes to high performance vehicles, there is a need to look for an insurance company that specializes in insuring exotic or expensive cars because odd as it may sound, some traditional insurers do not approve coverage to high performance auto owners. This isn’t just because of the car though because other things are factored in which includes one’s age, sex, where one lives, among others but if you own a high performance car and have maybe a few violations, you can be sure that a traditional auto insurance company will turn you down because you are driving a high risk model and you’ve had a few violations on the road.

How Auto Insurance for Expensive Vehicles is Different

Monday, October 15, 2012

Types of insurance policies and cheap car insurance

Looking for cheap car insurance can sure take a lot of time and make you believe that it’s hard to get. Well, this can be true if you’re looking for a cheap variation of an expensive policy type. That’s right, there are different types of insurance policies available on the market, and depending on which of them you choose the cost of insurance will vary among different amounts of money. That’s why it is crucial to understand the main concepts of basic types of policies and the differences between them if you really want to get adequate and cheap car insurance. Here’s a short description of each basic policy type:

Coverage using third-party liability

The most stripped down policy type features only the essential coverage type you need to legally drive a car in most states. This coverage will pay out only in case of an accident that you’ve caused, and will cover injuries and damage inflicted to the other party. Since this policy type is stripped of any additional options, it’s the cheapest you’ll find on the market.

Coverage using third party, fire and theft

This policy type extends the range of situations when it covers you. Except the usual third party liability, it also features fire and theft coverage to address some of the most common perils a car may be subjected to besides collision. This type usually costs a bit more and will best suit drivers who have either paid out their loan or financed their purchase on their own.

Fully comprehensive insurance coverage

If you’re looking for a policy that has it all, this is it. Fully comprehensive auto insurance policies usually include the entire spectrum of coverage options an insurer is ready to provide you with, and doesn’t require you to be at fault in the accident. Naturally, this policy type will rarely grant you cheap car insurance, since it’s the most expensive you will find. And at the same time, it’s the most common policy type in the USA because lending institutions make it a requirement when giving out an auto loan. Still, you might want to shop around to see if there are more affordable offers on the market.

Opting for specialized coverage

Special car types require special policies that cater to the need of their owners. Such is the case of retro, customized or unique vehicles. These policies are usually expensive due to their limited nature and include various requirements that aren’t featured in any other policy types.

Types of insurance policies and cheap car insurance

Friday, September 28, 2012

Misfortune on roads at the holidays can result in increasing your car insurance costs

Not many people are aware that all those hazards which are typical during the hectic holiday season can actually put an end to your previously cheap car insurance. There are a lot of reasons why driving at the holidays can prove more dangerous, but there are steps you can take to help keep your auto insurance quotes low.

Be Careful at Shopping Destinations

During the holiday season, parking lots in shopping centers and at major department stores become much busier. There are not only a lot more cars, but there are a lot more pedestrians as well. Plus, many kids have school breaks around the holidays, which means keeping an even sharper eye out for fast-moving foot traffic. At this time of year, it’s a good idea to take extra precautions when you’re out getting shopping done.

Drive Safely

There never seems to be enough time for anyone during the holidays, and this translates into unsafe driving habits. Feeling rushed and stressed trying to get everything taken care of means other drivers aren’t practicing the type of caution they normally would on the roads. People also might have their car really loaded up with boxes and packages which limit their visibility. Take a few deep breaths before starting your engine so you can remain a calm and safe driver, and keep an extra eye out for less cautious or distracted drivers.

Watch for Walkers

The foot traffic really increases during the holidays. Whether people are out shopping more, looking at the seasonal decorations, or giving their families a quick tour of the town, there are definitely a lot more folk who are out and about. Much like drivers, pedestrians at this time of year are often distracted or rushed, and not paying as much attention as they normally would to their surrounding conditions. As a driver on the road, practice being more observant during this time frame. Double-check your blind spots and try to keep from being too distracted on the roads yourself.

By following these three tips during the holidays, you’ll be able to enjoy a safe and happy time with your family. Plus, avoiding any mishaps or accidents is a surefire way to help keep you auto insurance rates at a reasonable level.

Misfortune on roads at the holidays can result in increasing your car insurance costs